Expert Solution, CMS, Complaint Management System

Customer complaints and service contacts are an opportunity to show your clients how important they are. If you exceed their expectations they will be loyal customers for years to come. Handling customer complaints and service requests all day can be stressful. Give your team the complaint handling tools they need to perform at their best and consistently exceed customer expectations.

Complaint Management System, Expert Solution

is a set of integrated tools, optimized to meet efficient handling of complaints, and automate processes like registering new complaints, managing existing complaints, automatic escalation of unresolved complaints, managing complaint statuses, performing number of consumer inquiries, handling of complaints by respective persons/departments and producing informative MIS. It allows all team members to work in a collaborative manner.

Complaint Management System, Expert Solution is an integrated system, well documented, and based on Client / Server and Relational Database technology.

Expert Solution Complaint Management System

Complaint Management System, Expert Solution is a customizable, web-based case management software solution that will enable your team to:

  • Collaborate
  • Respond quickly and accurately to customer requests
  • Quickly enter and prioritize complaints
  • Use workflow to assign cases that need follow-up
  • Efficiently manage tasks, set reminders and due dates
  • Actionable, real-time reports (tables, charts, graphs)
  • Identifies opportunities (training, product improvement, etc.)

Complaint Management System, Expert Solutionensures that you track every customer interaction efficiently and accurately, creating a clear, searchable record.

Complaint Management System, Expert Solution Complaint Management system lets you:

  • Manage every customer interaction efficiently and professionally
  • Ensure that no complaint, service call or inquiry is lost or ignored
  • Understand trends with real-time reports and gain actionable information to improve your products or services


Customer complaints and feedback are a goldmine of information that can improve customer retention
and profitability. The Complaint Management System, Expert Solution provides the tools you need to begin learning from the feedback your customers give you every day.

 Complaint Management System, Expert Solution includes a world class reporting engine.

Based on the framework Complaint Management System, Expert Solution,  supports all authorized users to work in a collaborative manner throughout complaint management cycle i.e. from initiating of complaint to closing of it.

Top Reasons for Using Complaint Management System, Expert Solution CMS Image

  • Ensures Users/Complainer Satisfaction
  • Ensures Information Accuracy
  • Timely Reporting
  • Ensures Data Security
  • Accurate Performance Monitoring
  • Managed by Management
  • Ensures Continuous Availability