SW-MOTECH SWモテック:Drybag 260 tail bag

SW-MOTECH SWモテック:Drybag 260 tail bag

26 l.Grey/Black.Waterproof.Great to combine with other Drybags.

■All weather Tail bag Drybag 260
■4 Fastening straps
■Carrying strap

Mounting Instructions (PDF)


Always on top of things:The waterproof and lightweight Drybag 260 is Tail bag and convenient carrying container all in one.The sturdy and easy-to-clean Tarpaulin bag can easily be attached to the luggage rack or other Drybags to give the driver fast access to all necessities.Included in delivery apart from four fastening straps for secure mounting is also a convenient carrying strap.

■Waterproof Tail bag with roll closure
■Made from sturdy easy-to-clean 500D Polyester with PVC coating
■26 liters storage capacity
■Fastening system for luggage rack and other Drybags
■Secure 4 point mounting
■Additional front pocket
■Dimensions:50 x 26 x 26 cm (w/h/d)


適合車種:NA 850 Mana 08- RC、NA 850 Mana 08- RC、Pegaso 650 91-07 ALL、Pegaso 650 91-07 ALL、RSV 1000 R 98-09 ALL、RSV 1000 R 98-09 ALL、RSV...(適合車種を見る)

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