GPR ジーピーアール:GPR PANDEMONIUM CARBON 【パンデモニウム カーボン】 (MOTO GUZZI GRISO 850 2006-14 SLIP ON EXHAUST MUFFLER) スリップオンマフラー

GPR ジーピーアール:GPR PANDEMONIUM CARBON 【パンデモニウム カーボン】 (MOTO GUZZI GRISO 850 2006-14 SLIP ON EXHAUST MUFFLER) スリップオンマフラー

バイク別カタログMOTOGUZZI1000cc ?GRISO850カスタムパーツマフラースリップオンマフラー
・ With EC approval / verification number approved throughout Europe (entry into the vehicle’s registration papers)
・ db reduction / db Eater removable
・ Stainless steel clamp with rubber pad
・ all necessary hardware for installation are included

・ similar ・ weight per silencer about1.65 kg
・ silencer length approx 360 mm


Included is an homologated dB reduction in GPR Germany. This is mounted in the end cap at the model PANDEMONIUM via a screw.
It is also supplied by GPR Germany depending on the model in addition to the dB- Eater above a funnel-shaped insert is mounted in the inlet of the muffler to the noise level to the permissible level .
reduce Caution is the exhaust system without the supplied dB reductions in public traffic moved invalidate the approval!
the Italian based company GPR has in the last two decades. more and more in the construction of exhaust systems for motorcycles specialized. Because a lot of experience in metalworking addition to stainless steel quality materials such as titanium and Inconel Carbon are processed in the finest manner as a matter of course. GPR exhaust systems are of course internationally used by many race teams even in the Moto GP has already accomplished the company GPR with Casey Stoner! The resulting experience is of course 1: taken into mass production. 1 So you can choose between various versions of different GPR silencer choose it can be found in the extensive assortment for almost any motorcycle right GPR exhaust.




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