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We work with some of the most visionary entrepreneurs and business leaders to build truly transformational companies. We are providing services to the companies. Most of the companies are trendsetters in their field. Our active portfolio includes more than 50 growing businesses in the technology, networking, development & IT Solution sectors. We share a high bond of trust with our clients, as some of our past clients gone public but they can contact us for services. Expert Solution is always there to provide the solutions you are in search of. More than 200+ projects are successfully merged or acquired, as the project size doesn’t matter for us. Here at Expert Solution all our clients are warmly welcomed anytime this is Expert Solution open for all.

Major Clients of Expert Solution

We have been providing services in various fields. Some major clients sharing long-term equation with us are listed below, Nevertheless, we are open to all. Our clients shares bonding with us, because we provide solutions not problems.

Sports One International:

They are sole distributor of many supplement products in Pakistan. Distributing all over Pakistan and having their outlets in the major cities of the country. So, for making their website making them a strong contender among the others.

We have developed an e-commerce market website for them. Allowing users to buy the products directly from the website instead of going to the outlet. Helping them in making up their uplift market more strong.

Expert Solution's Support

Moreover, our premium corporate hosting making them able to secure their data more efficiently. Other than this, we are providing them the solution of data handling of their e-commerce website. Services includes stock entities, stock management, order management, multi-attributes, newsletter and all. The back-end handling required is provided by Expert Solution.

Other than website, we are providing them the digital marketing solution, which includes strong SEO content (taking the website in top 5 in Google ranking). Social media handling which includes Facebook promotion, Twitter Handling and Instagram Updates. Last but not the least providing all the related solutions to them.



Kixx Oil:

Kixx Oil, a name which is the best when it comes to engine oil and lubricants in Pakistan, is our client for a time and still our collaboration is strong with them. Providing the every possible solution they acquire. Main out of our services includes:

As, we have developed them a website and provided them the premium hosting, in which all their products produced and upcoming products are listed so that the one interacting with them, could easily know about their products and services. Other than this we have provided them, the software solutions they acquire and all possible solution are provided.


London Vape Hub:

The brand, which have given the city of Saints, London, a different swag of smoking by providing them world class accessories of sheesha with all the flavors making electronic devices the fuel they need and user a complete relax.

London Vape Hub, we have provided them the services of uploading their data and handles all their e-commerce market affair, we have special task team assigned for such projects, so make your website easy to use, if seeking than you are at right place, as they are and many of our clients were. 

Services To London Vape Hub

We provide them the solution they were looking for so, they make the people of Kingdom, to smoke their desires with ease, when best hands join something creative always form. 

We have provided them the services of website with all the back-end handling of the website, offering them the services so that they can easily have a great setup of their business, all other solutions regarding our services will be provided in future seeking.


Expert Solution's Team & Vision

Expert Solution have business development initiatives, since the day started in this business. We are here to serve as a supporter and amplifier for all the areas of your business. Expert Solution’s broad network and deep experience to set leaders up for success across the platform. Our company resources include events, strategic advising, customer and partner introductions, service premiums, and more. We enjoy working with a broad range of portfolio companies. As, for first-time, entrepreneurs looking for guidance to seasoned teams elevating their companies to the next level. We have been able to provide our clients the services we are providing just because of the team behind it. Moreover, the team is fully credited on this behalf.

WorKing Strategies

Our working strategies have been simple always. Expert Solution welcomes the world’s largest organizations to meet face-to-face with Expert Solution partners and portfolio companies. From corporate events participation to one-on-one meetings. Our approach – collaborating with organizations on their objectives, handpicking the most relevant companies. For each briefing and staying involved through the presentation – ensures meaningful engagement. So, it add value for both sides of the table. Investment, partnership, or M&A-driven, our goal is to connect innovative companies. We are on the way to drive the next wave of technological advancement.

Indulging You With Best Solution!!

We are indulged to provide the prior services to all in every department to the organizations.  Matching with up in better way and team collaboration and formation is getting world class day by day. As, we care of reputation of your business. Allow us to entertain you with our expert solutions. So, join hand with the experts of Expert Solution.